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Bring light into your products

Updated: Jan 19, 2018 launches new learning content, starting with Product Backlog Refinement workshops and Leadership MasterClasses. In addition, announces Large Scale Scrum training by Craig Larman in Dublin November 2018.

The Product Backlog Refinement workshops goes into a sweet spot between Professional Scrum Developer and Professional Scrum Product Owner training and Professional Scrum Master training, by focusing on teams working with customer end users to map out and write up product backlog items for real problems.

“We really enjoyed the couple of days and it went way beyond my expectations, it was great to see that everyone was so willing to change and we all wanted the same thing.” Elaine Kirby - Group VP, Head of Business Processes, Nordic Aviation Capital doesn't support team level Product Owners in a multi-teams-Scrum scenario and would not want to provide such training. Neither Nexus nor LeSS support such as scenario. Both #LeSS and #Nexus have a single product backlog (for a real product a customer could relate to) and one #Product #Owner. However, the usual need is for #product #backlog #refinement and we hope we're hitting that spot nicely.

Leadership Master Class

No #agile #transformation would be complete without a change of mindset at senior leadership level. In 2017, developed a Leadership Master Class for the growth of true agility. The course ran a number of times in 2017 with raving feedback. The course is based on the premise that three interventions are needed 1). limit organization work in progress, 2). leaders adopt coach leadership style during #Go #See, and 3). embrace uncertainty. The leadership masterclass is in 4 one day modules. The feedback during unpublished video interviews is stellar. Day 1 is so cool; Turn the Ship Around, Extreme Ownership, and Team of Teams get a day out. Day 2 goes through some systems thinking simulations. Dav 3 proves subject to good explicit policies that limiting work in progress improves performance. Also, leaders learn Toyota Improvement & Coaching Kata so they don't start new projects unintentionally during Go See. But it's unanimous that Day 4 on Professional Coaching skills is the most enjoyable day, where leaders get to practice coaching skills. The class size is small to maximize the benefit.

Large Scale Scrum #LeSS already offers certified LeSS training. We're very pleased to announce that Craig Larman will deliver public training in Dublin in November 2018; this is a first for Dublin. We're encouraged by the appetite for true agility in Dublin.


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