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Your execs & agility practitioners grow authentic agility with people on the ground. They can become experienced & certified as agility practitioners, or 21st-century-leaders.  Perhaps they become de-scaling practitioners with LeSS / Nexus / Kanban or maybe no pattern at all. Let's pick a direction of travel and let's experiment together towards a more adaptive & more proactive future.

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training, coaching & mentoring  agility practitioners & leaders

Once upon a time, an organization relied on organizational / process / technical excellence coaches to help grow good agility. Some were good. Some were not so good and many organizations were ok with that; as it was an easier life.  Besides, this organization had a beautiful black swan product which made them very successful. Then one day, it seemed to have become commonplace to prescribe Lean / Agile pills. One of the pills was "WaterScrumFall"; it was Waterfall's ugly cousin, nowhere as disciplined or pretty as Waterfall or Scrum. The good coaches were asked to leave as "they were not pragmatic". And it was like a slow poison because everything still seemed ok. And then, after several successful go-lives and just before the product director moved on to his next heroic mission, the impact of short-term decisions from the past came back to haunt the product. Little did they know in all those months & years that their product had slowly been getting very sick. Now it was at death's door.


Then finally one day, the organization began to realize the errors of its ways, and surprisingly young agility chefs were asked to help. Those chefs were mentored by wise & seasoned practitioners. Whoever those new agility chefs met started to feel better, as they figured out together what was making the product ill. They kept finding more things that were making them ill. They stopped taking pills. They figured out together what to do. And eventually, the product got better. The continuous improvement never ended. Indeed they had to continuously look for new products. They kept looking for new beautiful black swans. And the chefs just got better and better, as they also had to continuously improve.





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Professional Scrum with Kanban +

Kanban for Complexity (Kanplexity)  



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